Well Done;-)

Well done for all of your amazing hard work on Google Classroom. It has been brilliant and you have definitely aimed high and reached for the stars!

Have a lovely break and we can’t wait to see you all again after the half term!

Here are your favourite times tables songs for you to enjoy:

Year 1/2 common Exception Words and Times Tables

The following are the Common Exception Words we teach in Year 2. How many can you read and spell?

Use these videos to help you exercise and learn them:

The times tables we will focus on are the 2, 5 and 10. How many do you know?

We are artists…

As part of our Worl Explorers topic we have been looking at the artwork of a famous Canadian artist- Christa Rijneveld.

We first explored pattern and texture by adding dots and lines in our sketchbooks. Then we created our own Canadian Mountain landscapes.

Would you like to have a turn creating your own?

This video will help you:

If you are finding drawing difficult (like I do) watch this video to remind you to never give up!

Immersion Week …

This week in English we have busy immersing ourselves into our new English text which is Instructions for ‘How to grow a sunflower’.

We have been carrying out different activities, including making paper aeroplanes to help us understand the importance of sequencing. We have also been learning how to write our own command sentences and even wrote a set of instructions for our grown ups , we hope you enjoy reading them!

Here is a video to help you with your Maths topic:

We are explorers…

This afternoon, Year 2 have been busy exploring during our Science and Topic lesson.

For Science we searched for micro-habitats in our school garden. What an interesting afternoon it was!

Here is a video on micro-habitats if you would like to find out more information:

For our topic lesson we went on a journey via Google Earth. We first located different parts of Canada using an Atlas and then explored Canada using Google Earth. We used our magnetic eyes to spot the different human and physical features.

Click on the link below and use Google Earth to find the following:

Mount Logan

Niagra Falls

Lake Ontario


We are the Earth…

As part of our world explorers topic we have been busy learning about the Earth in our Geography lessons. This afternoon, Year 2 pretended to be the Earth in the playground. We located the equator and identified the hot and cold areas of the world in relation to the equator. What a windy but fun afternoon it was!

Here are some videos to help recap this weeks learning:


Immersion Week

This week we have been busy immersing ourselves into the story of the elves and the shoemaker.

We enjoyed watching a ballet performance as part of our wow experience, pretended we were the shoemaker by cutting our own leather for our shoes and even became elves for a day when we explored their feelings. What an amazing week it has been!

Here is the Toolkit we created together and the story map of our new text.

You can practice the elf dance at home this weekend with Mr Bloom!

On Friday we wore our jeans to school to raise money for ‘Jeans for Genes Day’.

Watch the video below for more information on how you can help make a difference:

Our first week…

I’m really proud of you 2ZY, you have been amazing this week.

What a great and busy first week it’s been for us all! The empty corridors are finally filled with your smiles and laughter.

This week we have been catching up with each other during our circle time sessions, learning to learn again in our metacognition lessons , writing postcards in English and focusing on Place Value in Maths. PE has been tiring but fun! Our favourite session has been creating art for our corridor display as part of our new topic which is ‘World Explorers’.

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