Happy Easter Holidays

Well done for all of your hard work this term 2ZY, I’m proud of every single one of you!

You’ve made me smile every day and kept me entertained with your humour.

You also made me nearly cry during our circle time session on kindness yesterday with your kind comments!

You truly are an amazing class and I’m lucky to be your teacher.

Make sure you remember to be a super ‘listening bat’ during the holidays and have a wonderful break.

Here are your amazing kindness postcards which you created as part of our English recovery curriculum, I will be showing them to Oliver Jeffers via Twitter!


We are explorers…

This week we have been busy exploring different materials in our environment in Science and then looking at ways we can look after it in PSHE.

We also enjoyed our music lessons using the glockenspiels and wrote our own fact files about the Earth for English.

We had a virtual congratulations assembly with Miss Whitcombe on Friday too. What a fantastic week we’ve had!

Would you like to find out more about waterproof materials?


Year 2 entered a young writers short story competition a few months ago and I’m proud to announce 3 children were selected from 2ZY! I can’t believe we have some authors already, keep up the brilliant writing.

We have been busy planning our setting descriptions this week and will be writing them on Friday based on our book ‘Here we are’.

Keep a lookout for some on the next blog post!

Welcome back!

What an amazing week this has been! It has been so wonderful to have you all back this week, especially seeing your heartwarming smiles.

This week we’ve been busy taking part in lots of circle time sessions, recapping our place value in Maths, starting our new text in English and even doing our own Kandinsky paintings!

Have a look below:

This is our new text:

Here is a video to help you recap your place value:

Have a lovely weekend, I can’t wait to see you all on Monday!

Happy Half Term

Thank you for all of your support with everything grown ups, especially with our live sessions!

Well done for all of your amazing work 2ZY, me and Mrs Phillips are so proud of you.

It has been great to see you everyday and those of you at school.
You have truly been aiming high and reaching for the stars, keep it up!

Keep smiling and have a lovely, well deserved break this half term.

See you soon.

Children’s Metal Health Week…

What an amazing week this has been!

You created some fantastic work on Monday as part of your well-being day.

Can you spot your work below?


Well done for all your brilliant learning this week, at home and at school. Here are some examples of your work:

What will you do for your well-being this weekend? I will be taking my bike out of the shed and hopefully cycling this weekend!

Virtual Library

Have you been missing our school library?

Do you want to discover a new author and dive into a new book?

Then I have the answer for you!

Oak National Academy have created a virtual library, which is free for everyone!

Every week a popular children’s author or illustrator will provide you with free books, exclusive videos and their top three recommended reads.

So far there has been Jacqueline Wilson, Nizrana Farook and Sally Gardner!

Check it out by clicking on the link here:  https://library.thenational.academy

Paddington’s adventures…

This week you have been busy exploring London with Paddington, we hope you had fun! Well done for all of your excellent home learning this week, it’s been wonderful to see you at school and the live sessions!

If you would like to continue your adventures with Paddington this weekend he will be exploring Buckingham Palace, enjoy!


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