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Back with a huge SPLASH!

It has been so wonderful to be back in school this week with all of your smiley faces.

This week we have been busy in Science learning about the importance of water safety.

We made some posters to help remind others:

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine!


Back to the virtual life…

2ZY I have been so impressed with how focused you have been during our live sessions, more focused than eagles!

You have truly amazed me and Mrs Pearce this week with your home learning and made us smile everyday! Here are some examples of your virtual learning:

I can’t wait to be back in our classroom with you all on Tuesday.

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the football and see you soon.

Safety First!

In science this week we have been observing bicycle helmets to find out what materials they are made out of and why.

We really enjoyed designing our own!

In D and T this week we have designed and created our own slider mechanisms, would you like to try and make one at home?

Lights, Camera , Action!

This week, during our topic session we have had the wonderful Becky from the REP teaching us some important drama techniques while helping us learning about the seaside.

Can you guess what our frozen pictures are by looking at our facial expressions?

In Maths, we have been continuing our topic of Position and Direction.

In English, we have been recapping adjectives, we even found a Frozen song about them, enjoy!

Challenge- How many adjectives can you think of to describe Mrs Downs?

Happy Half Term

Well done for all of your hard work this term 2ZY. I can’t believe this is the final half term of the year!

We’ve come a long way since September and despite everything that has happened I think you are all ready for Year 3. It’s been great to be back in class with you all and I’ve been amazed with your handwriting.

Don’t forget to practice your handwriting for our competition and keep smiling!

Here are some pictures from our congratulations assembly and handwriting competition first attempts:

Today was extra special for our school because some of our Y2 children became published young authors, thanks to the Young Writers competition we entered earlier this year. Here is the book with the published writing in our school library.

This week, as part of our English we wrote a script and presented the news explaining the importance of recycling to protect our beaches.

To celebrate Eid, which took place last week, we looked at different henna patterns and coloured some patterns of our own.

Would you like to create your own?

Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to share how you keep active with us on:

Did you spot me? 😉

We are bananas in pyjamas!

Happy Eid to everyone who celebrated yesterday!

Today was Pyjamarama day at school. Everyone looked very cosy in school today, including Mrs Downs! What a fun day it was! We helped BookTrust reach children with the magic of bedtime stories – all in the comfort of our favourite PJs.

Here are some pictures of what 2ZY have been doing this week.

In Maths we have been learning about volume and capacity, in English we are thinking about how we can help the environment in our new English text and in topic we have been busy learning how to sketch using different lines.

Would you like to practice sketching using different lines at home?

Have a lovely weekend and keep smiling!